Best Brunch in Vancouver: Cafe Medina


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Photo from adelightfuldish

Brunch is a movement, a worldwide phenomenon, created by combining two of our favourite and most important meals, breakfast and lunch, into one.

Normally eaten at around 11am and served until 2pm, wherever you go, you will see ‘Brunch hours’, ‘Brunch menus’, and maybe even be asked to go on brunch dates. So when you are in Vancouver and looking for the best place to lounge and eat brunch with your friends after having slept in that morning, where should you go?

We have made it our mission to introduce to our guests and readers all of Vancouver’s best brunch locations. This week, we are taking you to Café Medina.

cafe medina brunch

Photo from adelightfuldish

Nested next to the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station, this gem in the wall is located at 556 Beatty Street. Here, brunch is served from 9 am to 3 pm. Their famous sign, “Life is too short for bad coffee”, is displayed outside, capturing your attention and pulling you through their doors. From Medina, you will learn that lavender lattes are supreme and should be offered at every major coffee shop.

Each item on their brunch menu is unique and savoury. Some are served on wooden platters, ceramics, and even stone pans. Presentation definitely adds points to this brunch place. Is it an unspoken code that all brunch food should be presented creatively and beautifully? That’s what it seems like!

Cafe Medina

Photographer: unknown

If you have room for dessert, or if you simply have a sweet tooth, then you will truly enjoy their waffles and sauce pairings. One of their most famous sauces is the white chocolate pistachio rosewater sauce.

If you are planning to go to Café Medina this weekend, then take these tips with you: Arrive with the spirit of knowing you will have to wait in line and make sure you write your name down right away instead of waiting for the server to come out.

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