Dining Out in Vancouver: There Are Apps for That


Food Truck by Matt Lawson design

Vancouver has a vibrant epicurean culture that attracts foodies from around the world. From street vendors to fine dining — and everything in between — there are so many fantastic places to eat in this city. This makes deciding where to eat a challenge; especially if you’re hungry!  Here are three great apps for choosing where to eat Vancouver. They are all free and they come with maps.

Street Food Vancouver
If your stomach is grumbling and you need to find something nearby—and fast— then use Street Food Vancouver to locate a food cart close by. Vancouver has been revitalizing its street food culture by granting more and more permits to unique vendors. This has made grabbing a bite from a cart quite a trendy meal option.

Worried that street food doesn’t match your healthy lifestyle? Fear not. Vancouver has imposed strict health regulations on street vendors by trying to regulate the number of carts selling foods that are high in sodium, fats and sugars. Browse the app; the variety of delicious, high quality and healthy meals you can buy from a cart is surprising. Street Food Vancouver makes it easy to locate the carts and find out what’s on offer.


Looking for something specific? Urbanspoon is the app for you. Quickly choose the area, price point, and type of cuisine you are craving and this handy app will tell you exactly where to find the spot that will suit your tastes. Urbanspoon lets you read reviews and see photos that other Urbanspoon users have uploaded of the location and their meals.

The best thing about this app is the “Shake” tool. Set the location, type of food or price point and let the app suggest something for you. You never know what you’ll get!  You might discover a hidden gem.

Yelp app’s extensive database of user reviews is like having a personal tour guide and a panel of food critics all in the palm of your hand. Yelp makes it easy to find the restaurants that will be perfect for the dining experinece that you have in mind. If you want service, atmosphere, value or the highest ratings in town Yelp will help you find what you are looking for.

Yelp does so much more than just help you find a restaurant; it will give you suggestions to plan an entire evening. There are plenty of quick search options that help you to easily locate entertainment, nightlife and cafés nearby.

Bon appetit!

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