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Why Join Our Rental Program?

There are now more ways than ever for owners at The Residences on Georgia and The Palisades to partner with Vancouver Extended Stay. If your condo at The Residences on Georgia or The Palisades is an investment property, then Vancouver Extended Stay will help you maximize your returns. Our in-house staff will attend to all maintenance and accounting issues while your suite is rented to our established clients. Here are the benefits of joining us:

  • The highest occupancy rates on the market (95% occupancy all year round)
  • Your suite will be occupied by our well-established Corporate and Film Industry guests who will pay the highest rates downtown
  • We are the only company with on-site maintenance and housekeeping staff
  • You will have a complete peace of mind

Please call 604-891-6181 or send us an email to get your free rental rate assessment.

Vancouver Extended Stay

Rental Affiliate Program

  • Do you own an apartment at The Residences on Georgia or The Palisades, but travel a lot, leaving your furnished apartment vacant for a part of a year?
  • Do you prefer to manage and rent out your condo yourself?
  • Are you an agent trying to fill a vacancy in your clients’ apartment?

Become a rental affiliate and enjoy the benefits of accommodating our clients with flexibility other contracts do not offer.

When you join our Rental Affiliate Program you will receive notifications when Vancouver Extended Stay has a surplus of clients. You will have the right to accept or decline any rental request you are offered. There is no cost to be a part of our network, or to decline rental requests. However, if you accept a request, you will receive the benefits of renting through Vancouver Extended Stay.

Do you have an unfurnished apartment?

Do you own an unfurnished suite at The Residences on Georgia or The Palisades? Contact us to inquire about options available for unfurnished apartments.

Maintenance Contract

If you don’t need help renting out your apartment, but you are looking for a trusted in-house agent to look after your investment property, we can help. Now you can gain access to skilled maintenance, housekeeping and accounting staff in a contract customized to suite your needs. A maintenance contract typically includes:

  • Paying strata fees, utilities, property taxes and other bills on your behalf
  • Access to skilled maintenance staff
  • Housekeeping services

Buying and Selling

If you are considering buying or selling at The Residences on Georgia or The Palisades, Vancouver Extended Stay would be happy to connect you with a qualified and experienced real estate agent. We have successfully worked with agents who know the buildings, their floor plans and market values. For a real estate referral call 604-891-6181.