Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?

A parking stall may be assigned to you at no cost, and it can be requested at the Guest Services office during office hours or at the time of booking. You may only park in the parking stall assigned to you. Leaving your car in any other spot may result in your car being towed. If you need additional parking, there is metered parking on Alberni St. and pay parking available on level P1 in your building.  For answers to more parking related questions please visit Vancouver Extended Stay’s Parking page.

How do my keys work?

The black and grey fobs open all building doors, garage doors and allow you to access your floor in the elevator. For your room you may have a key or a key card. Key cards can be inserted into the slot in the lock and when the green light is activated you have access to your suite. If your key card is white it is a temporary key card. It will stop working 1 business day after you arrive. Please bring all your paperwork to the office and complete your check-in for a permanent key card. Please keep all of your access devices safe to preserve the security of the building, its contents and your personal items.

How do I make a telephone call?

Your telephone number is on your check-in package. If your telephone number starts with 899, you will need to push “9” to get an outside line. Then, dial the phone number you wish to call as usual. Local calls are free, however you will be charged for long distance calls.

How do I let my friends into the building?

You will find your door entry code on your check-in envelope. Please let your guests know this code before they arrive. When your guests want to enter, your suite’s telephone will ring. You can press “9” to give your guests access or you can hang up the phone to deny them access. Granting them access will allow them a few minutes to get into the elevator and have access to your floor.

Where do I dispose of my garbage?

Please dispose of your garbage. If you are in the Residences on Georgia take the elevator down to P1 and you will see a sign directing you to a room where you can put your garbage in the compactor and separate your recycling. If you are in the Palisades, there is a garbage drop labelled “refuse” on each floor please put your garbage down the chute and take your recyclables to P1.

How do I connect to my suite’s Wi-Fi?

The access information for your suite’s complimentary Wi-Fi is on your check-in envelope. This Wi-Fi connection is secure and designated to your suite. We ask that you do not change the network name or password. If you do, please contact guest services on the next business day to inform us of the changes. Click here if you are experiencing Wi-Fi problems!

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet; unplug the wireless router and the modem. Wait for a one minute and plug them back in. This will not harm your connection or affect your network name or password. You may want to do this on a regular basis. Please contact Guest Services during office hours if turning your router and modem off  does not work.

Why won’t my shower work?

When you turn on the water in your shower, the water will come out of the faucet. If you would like to have the water come out of the shower head, pull gently on the end of the faucet. There is a ring around the mouth of the faucet and when you pull this down the water flow will be redirected to come out of the shower head.

Why won’t my bathroom fan turn off? 

Vancouver is often a very damp city. There are  humidity controls in your suite which activate the bathroom fans when the humidity rises. The humidity control for each suite is typically located in the hallway outside the bathroom door. Adjusting theses settings will turn your bathroom fan on and off and help you to balance the humidity in your suite. If the ceiling exhaust fan is on and the noise is disturbing you, simply raise the humidity settings until the fan turns off. Lower the humidity settings again next time you leave the apartment to keep your suite’s humidity down.

What is Vancouver Extended Stay’s policy on smoking?

There is absolutely no smoking, of any kind, allowed in any of our suites, on the balconies and in the common areas without exception. We ask for your understanding on this matter. Should you choose to smoke in your suite, your account will be charged an additional apartment cleaning fee of $500.

When do I get housekeeping?

Housekeeping will be provided as per the arrangements you made at the time you booked your suite. For questions regarding housekeeping please call Housekeeping at (604) 891-6167.