Mario’s Coffee Express


Mario’s Coffee Express

Mario’s Coffee Express is one of the most beloved little coffee bars in Vancouver. Mario himself has been serving coffee to Vancouverites for over twenty years. Originally from Argentina, Mario takes his coffee very seriously. His tiny shop’s old world décor has an authentic flare that seems almost incongruous in the middle of Vancouver’s business district. Mario will cheerfully serve you the finest espresso, late, or drip with a smile. Then, he’ll then flag you down after you take your first sip to make sure you are satisfied—he knows the answer already.

Mario’s Coffee Express has a little sign that boasts the best coffee in town, but it’s not just Mario that thinks so. Yelp and Urbanspoon give this little coffee shop some of the best reviews in the city. This doesn’t surprise Mario in the least but he says he has never bothered to look at what people are saying about him online. “I don’t care about computers,” said Mario, “It’s all about good coffee and customer service.”

Become a regular and Mario will remember your name and your usual order. He will always greet you with a smile and even banter with you in Spanish (if you are so inclined). Walking the five blocks from Vancouver Extended Stay to Mario’s Coffee Express will be worth it every time and it makes a great lunch stop with its specialty grilled sandwiches.

Mario’s Coffee Express is located at 595 Howe St. in downtown Vancouver.

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