New Year’s Resolution


With New Year’s Eve just around the corner people have already started to ask the question, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” According to numerous polls a few of the most popular things people resolve to do are to get fit, learn a new skill, and spend more time with family.

If these resolutions are on your list, why not combine them and consider one of these exciting options in and around Vancouver. Whether you try it once or commit to it for the year, you are sure to have an adventure.

rock climbing

Rock Climbing

Not only does rock climbing increase agility, coordination, flexibility and muscle strength, it also burns a tremendous amount of calories. There are a few climbing gyms in the area that offer great introductory packages for all levels of skill and fitness.  Cliffhanger Climbing Gyms have a branch that is easily accessible from downtown. Start reaching your fitness and outdoor adventure goals now and in the summer take you new skill to great heights in the mountains that surround beautiful Vancouver.


Swordplay engages every muscle in your body-especially your brain. This ancient form of combat develops creativity, balance and reflexes, not to mention your core. If you have never wielded a sword, now is the time. So challenge your mind and muscles to a duel. If they win, then so do you! New students get their first class free at Academie Duello.



The deep bays and inlets surrounding Vancouver make kayaking a perfect place to explore nature while building upper body and core strength. You can stat paddling in Vancouver’s False Creek with lessons or a tour at Ecomarine Paddling Centre. As you become more confident take your newfound skills and sense of adventure to the nearby Deep Cove, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands or Sunshine Coast.

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