Safety Procedures

Please take a few moments to read the following procedures. You should be familiar with these procedures in the unlikely event of an emergency.

For fires, police and medical emergencies dial 911 immediately!

If your suite’s phone number begins with 899 please dial 9+911. 

For flooding and security concerns call your building’s concierge immediately!

The Residences on Georgia Concierge
1288 West Georgia St.
Desk: 604-687-3095
Cell: 604-999-7409

The Palisades Concierge
1288 Alberni St.
Desk: 604-801-5323
Cell: 604-562-1129

Fire and Safety Procedures
The Residences on Georgia and The Palisades are equipped with the most up-to-date fire detection and
communications systems. All emergency conditions will be communicated to residents via the
public address system.

When the fire alarm is sounded, the elevators will return to the lobby level and remain there until
the alarm has been investigated, cleared, and the elevators re-activated.

When you check-in:
• Learn where the closest fire exits, pull stations and fire extinguishers are to your suite.

Should you hear an alarm:
• Stay in your suite and await instructions over the public address system, which will
follow shortly after the sounding of the alarm. If no announcement is made within two
minutes, please evacuate your suite calmly and quickly.

If you are ordered to evacuate your suite:
• Test the door for heat before opening it.
• Shut all windows and doors before you leave.
• Take your keys or keycard and fob with you.
• Leave through marked fire exits, always checking ahead of you for smoke or fire.
• NEVER USE THE ELEVATORS (they will be non-operational).

If you are unable to leave your suite, or should the exits be blocked:
• STAY IN YOUR SUITE – it is the safest place for you.
• Phone the Fire Department – Dial 911, and report your condition.
• Shut off the air conditioner if you have central air conditioning.
• Wet a towel, sheet or blanket and stuff it under the door to prevent smoke from entering.
• Fill the bathtub and any waste baskets with water – it will always come in handy to wet
down towels, curtains, wall coverings, etc.

Should you find a fire:
• Pull the alarm that is closest to your location.
• Close all doors around the fire, if possible.
• Immediately report the fire to the Fire Department – Dial 911.
• Stay calm and take your keys with you when you leave the fire area.