Things to do in Vancouver when in Rains



Vancouver consistently hits the top of the charts for best place in the world to visit and to live. It is a Mecca for people who love the great outdoors. However, our beautiful city does have a few well earned nick names that garner groans from residents and visitors alike: Raincouver and Raincity. If you are relocating to Vancouver, or staying long-term, it can be difficult to get used to the grey days.

Some residents barely even notice the drizzle; they just pack an umbrella and carry on. Others prefer to hole up with a good book until a beautiful sunny day draws them outdoors again. If you are the latter and the rain really does makes you melt, then there are still many things to do in Vancouver indoors.

1. Get Cultured
The Vancouver Art Gallery is centrally located making it a convenient stop to escape the rain and find some inspiration. The world-class gallery has ever changing exhibits that have a broad appeal. Check the gallery schedule for special events and programming. See if you can pop in during their free-admission days here!

VAG children free admission

2. Get Smart
Science World is a great place to take kids of any age for the day. The facility has a real focus on learning through play and there are endless opportunities for both there. Check the schedule for feature exhibits, special events and Omnimax show times.

3. See a Show

All the world’s a stage, and Vancouver certainly has a variety of options that are sure to entertain. Whether you prefer opera or ballet, experimental theatre or the classics; there is a show for you in Vancouver on now. Our city is well-known for its support for the performing arts. Browse your favourite newspaper’s entertainment section or see what’s on this week right here.

Photo by David Cooper - Courtesy Pacific Opera Victoria

Photo by David Cooper – Courtesy Pacific Opera Victoria

4. Be a History Buff

Vancouver has a number of great places to brush up on regional history for everyone from the amateurs to the history buff. Enjoy a slice of West Coast Modern architecture at the Museum of Anthropology designed by Arthur Erickson. The Museum of Anthropology is not only architecturally stunning; it is also a great place to learn about First Nations history, culture and craft.

If you are spending the day with kids, try the Museum of Vancouver. Walk through the decades from the turn of the last century to now and see how our city has grown and changed with fun and interactive exhibits!

5. Be a Foodie
Whether you’re in the mood for a café or a five star restaurant, Vancouver’s dining-out options will never disappoint. We are said to have one of the most varied and unique food cultures in the world with a focus on the local, organic, sustainable and international cuisine. A quick online search and you will be sure to find a spot the will appeal to your taste buds. To get yourself started, take a look at this online directory.

Dine Out

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