Top 10 Cafes in Vancouver

The battle for coffee supremacy in Vancouver continues between big names such as Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and even McDonalds but there is now more competition than ever. Coffee lovers in Vancouver are immigrating to new, independent cafes such as JJ Bean, Cafe Medina, and Revolver Cafe, to name a fewWithout much further ado, here is our list of:

The Top 10 Cafes in Vancouver.

Read more to learn about what makes them so special. 


1. 49th Parallel

What makes this cafe so special? Just take a look at their Tiffany blue cups and try to resist the temptation to hold one in your hands. At this cafe’s Main Street location, their wonderful staff serves you top-notch coffee and patisseries. Their flaky butter croissants are out-of-this-world. This cafe attracts the most unique coffee-lovers in Vancouver so you will likely find yourself sitting there for hours, just people-watching.

49th parallel

2. Bel Cafe

Located in the most convenient location for a quick dose of caffeine and sweets after shopping downtown, you will find this cafe right outside Granville Station. The interior is modern and chic and there are also patio seats for sunny days. Their coffee and selection of colourful macaroons are only part of what makes them so special. We recommend ordering the Peppermint Patty if it is your first time.

3.Revolver Cafe

The Revolver Cafe is located in Gastown, one of the most beautiful areas of Vancouver. What is important here is the pouring method the baristas use when making your coffee. The staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly. Take a seat inside one of their booths next to the beautiful brick walls.

Revolver cafe

4. Cafe Medina

This gem is found right outside of the Chinatown Skytrain Station. There is always a lineup so make sure you plan ahead! Try their lavender latte and brunch. You will be hooked after your first bite.

5. JJ Bean

JJ Bean creates a lovely ambiance for their customers – both professionals, and casual coffee drinkers. What you really need to do is try their famous cappuccino and/or chai tea latte. Although it is primarily known for their great selection of coffee beans, you cannot leave without trying their baked goods.

6. Matchstick Cafe

This location is harder to reach by transit but it is definitely worth the walk. The unique interior will make you fall in love instantly before you even sniff the delicious aroma of their coffee beans. Try going in when it is not too busy and set up a table for yourself to do your work. P.S. Their lavender muffin is to die for. Who knew lavender could taste so good?

Matchstick Coffee Roasters

Photo by Salena Gao

7. Milano Cafe

Located in Gastown, this cafe serves great coffee made by great people. Whoever was the interior designer for this place deserves a mention! Definitely a stop worth your time during a walk around the city. We believe this one is up-and-coming.

8. Elysian Coffee

Elysian Coffee has everything that makes a cafe ideal – and more. It is known for providing sustainable, fair-trade, and high-quality coffee and their sparkling water on tap. You will likely wait in line but the wait will the worth your while.

9. Nelson the Seagull

Just looking at their front entrance makes pedestrians want to peak inside. This cafe is definitely a spot that everyone must try during their stay in Vancouver. Since it’s on our top 10 cafes list, you already know it serves excellent coffee but this cafe also makes the best sandwiches.

Nelson the Seagull

Photo by Wilson Mak

10. Kafka’s

If you are on Main street, then you likely wonder about the buzz around this location. This cafe has long been known as one of Vancouverites’ favourites. Known for its ever changing artwork and stellar coffee, Kafka’s Coffee and Tea is perfect for a hangout with friends.

11. Musette Caffe

Okay we lied, how can we limit ourselves to only 10? Here is one more cafe that we think deserves attention! Musette Caffe as recently moved to Chinatown. Perhaps the only bike friendly cafe in the city, this cafe’s interior was entirely bike-inspired and there is even a bike on their wall. If you are on a bike ride, then stop by for a taste!

Yup, Vancouverites love their coffee.


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