Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival


Spring Cleaning

Spring officially arrives each year in Vancouver with an explosion of delicate pink petals as the cherry trees show their blossoms. Though the air may still have a chilly bite the sweet scent of the trees annually heralds warmer weather and sunnier days to come. The city will be celebrating spring with The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival which begins today.

Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom and many of Vancouver’s 37,000 cherry trees were gifts from Japan. The sakura festival is held all over Japan every year where delicate sakura blossom is celebrated for its extreme beauty and fragility. The blossom serves as a reminder to seize the day because what we have is temporary. The cherry tree blooms for only a short time every year. In just a few weeks the flowers will begin to fall and you may find yourself caught in a pink blizzard of cherry blossom petals.

Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival is modeled on the Japanese Sakura Festival. Vancouverites and visitors are welcome to take part in cherry tree viewing programs, musical and cultural performances, arts and crafts exhibitions, and more. The festival is on now until the end of April. Visit The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Home Page for event dates, cherry blossom viewing maps, history, cuisine and more.

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