Your Suite

Housekeeping will be provided based on the arrangements you made at the time of your booking. You may request additional housekeeping for a fee. All regularly scheduled housekeeping is done Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If your scheduled housekeeping falls on a statutory holiday your cleaning will be moved forward one day or moved back one day. For questions regarding housekeeping please contact our housekeeping manager.



Housekeeping Manager

Manjeet Singh

Level P1 – 1288 West Georgia Street

Desk: (604) 891-6167 | Emergency Cell: (604) 551-1593


Please do not hesitate to contact the housekeeping manager if anything in your suite is broken, damaged, missing or needs attention during your stay. We will arrange to have our maintenance team work on the problem. You are not required to be present for suite maintenance.

The access information for your suite’s complimentary Wi-Fi is on your check-in envelope. This Wi-Fi connection is secure and designated to your suite only. We ask that you do not change the network name or password. If you do, please contact guest services on the next business day to inform us of the changes.

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet; unplug the wireless router and the modem. Wait for a one minute and plug them back in. This will not harm your connection or affect your network name or password. You may want to do this on a regular basis. If turning your router and modem off  does not work please contact housekeeping during office hours. Click here if you are experiencing Wi-Fi problems!

To use your television please make sure your television is set to channel 3 with the remote that corresponds to your TV. If you have a Shaw box make sure the amber light is showing. If the amber light is not showing take your Shaw remote and toggle between the “Cable” button and the “TV” button until the amber light appears. The Shaw remote should control most of the TV operations. If you are having additional problems with your television please contact housekeeping and we will see to the problem during the next available office hours.

Your telephone number can be found on your check-in package. If your telephone number starts with 899, you will need to push “9” to get an outside line. Then, dial the phone number you wish to call as usual. Local calls are free, however you will be charged for long distance calls.

Door Entry Code
You will find your door entry code on your check-in envelope. Please let your guests know this code before they arrive. When your guests arrive they can dial your suite’s access code on the keypad at each entrance, your suite’s telephone will ring. Press “9” to give your guests access. Please do not let anyone into the building that you do not know. Hang up the phone to deny access to any unwanted visitors.

The black and grey fobs open all building doors, garage doors and allow you to access your floor in the elevator. For your room you may have a key or a key card. Key cards can be inserted into the slot in the lock and when the green light is activated you have access to your suite. All keys and fobs must be returned when you depart. You can either drop them off at the Guest Services office or leave them in the drop box across from the concierge desk. You will be charged $120 per set of keys that is not returned upon check-out. Please keep all of your access devices safe to preserve the security of the building, its contents and your personal items.

When you turn on the water in your shower, the water will come out of the faucet. If you would like to have the water come out of the shower head, pull gently on the end of the faucet. There is a ring around the mouth of the faucet and when you pull this down the water flow will be redirected to come out of the shower head.

Humidity Control
Each suite is equipped with a humidity control in the hallway. This control is connected to the ceiling exhaust fan in the bathroom. If the ceiling exhaust fan is on and the noise is disturbing you, simply raise the humidity settings until the fan turns off. Lower the humidity settings again next time you leave the apartment to keep your suite’s humidity down.

There are individual controls for the electric heat in each room of your suite. Please adjust them to your personal comfort level.

Air Conditioning
Each suite has a portable air conditioning unit. Use the controls on the unit to adjust the temperature to your liking. Please make sure the air conditioner’s exhaust is secured around the hole in the plastic window panel. The window on the other side of this panel should be wide open to allow the warm air from your apartment to vent out. All the other windows in the apartment should be closed.

Air conditioning is not often needed in Vancouver and these units are found the storage closet in your suite for most of the year. On sunny days we recommend keeping the drapes closed during the day and when you are not in. This will  keep the temperature down in your apartment. Fans are also available to help with cooling and air circulation.

Please call Housekeeping if you are having trouble with your air conditioning unit, if you would like to have your unit installed for the season, or if you would like to request a fan.

The blinds in your suite may have a delicate chain at the bottom. Theses chains can be pulled and broken if the window is open and the blinds are closed. If you open your window please pull your blinds back so they do not get damaged. If you notice your blinds are in disrepair please call housekeeping.

Garbage Disposal
Some soft food waste can do down the garburator in your kitchen sink. There is a switch on the wall in your kitchen to turn the disposal on. Please run water from the tap while the garbage disposal is on. Kindly refrain from putting bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, grease, rice and noodles, and fibrous or starchy vegetables in the garbage disposal. Please do not put any ridged items or non food items down the garburator.

For disposing all other garbage and recycling at The Residences on Georgia take the elevator down to P1. You will see a sign directing you to a room where you can put your garbage in the compactor and separate your recycling in the bins provided.

At The Palisades, there is a garbage drop labelled “refuse” on each floor. Please put your garbage in small bags and put them in the refuse drop. Do not leave your garbage on the floor by the drop. Please take your recyclables to recycling on ground level and dispose of any other garbage in the dumpsters.

The washer and dryer are located in one of the closets in your suite. Please load the washer loosely. When adding detergent please do not exceed the recommended amount. Further instructions for the washer and dryer may be found on or with the machine.

An iron and ironing board can be found alongside your washer and dryer.

Dry Cleaning
Please drop all dry cleaning off at the Guest Services office during office hours. Use the form and bags provided to indicate the number of items, type of service and delivery instructions. Forms must be complete for dry cleaning to be processed. All dry cleaning and laundry services will be charged to your credit card on file.

For same day service please drop your dry cleaning off by 9:30 a.m. It will be returned at 5:30 p.m. Same day service is only available on weekdays and is not available on Statutory holidays. Please be aware that next business day service means that items dropped off after 9:30 a.m. on Friday will not be picked up until the next day. This means that items dropped off after 9:30 a.m. on Friday may not be returned until Tuesday evening (or Wednesday evening if Monday is a statutory holiday). For additional dry cleaning forms, please visit the Guest Services office and for additional information about our dry cleaning services please call housekeeping at (604) 891-6167.

All of your linens and towels will be changed during your scheduled housekeeping. Additional housekeeping is available for a fee and can be arranged by calling housekeeping at (604) 891-6167. You are also welcome to use your in-suite washer and dryer to do your linens between housekeeping.