Why to Choose a Vacation Rental

white and fresh linens and nice decor at Vancouver Extended Stay

At Vancouver Extended Stay we get so many first time vacation renters that are over the moon about the added benefits of choosing residential accommodations instead of a traditional hotel. Vacation rentals have the benefits of a hotel, but they feel more like home. At Vancouver Extended Stay we offer vacation accommodations for extended stay guests staying for a minimum of 30 days.

There are a few very good reason to stay in the apartment rather than in a small hotel room. The first one is the kitchen. Whether it is to cut down on costs, keep kids fed, or have the ability to prepare a meal in your bathrobe, the use of a full kitchen in invaluable. Vancouver also has a plethora of farmer’s markets and specialty food stores that make eating-in an attractive option.

open and bright fully-equipped kitchen at Vancouver Extended Stay



The second theme is the extra space. Keeping everyone together, yet being able to close the door when someone needs a little privacy is priceless. Adults and children will naturally have different bedtimes and this won’t disrupt anyone’s schedule.

The additional space of the kitchen and living room instead of just a bedroom is an attractive combination. It certainly gives you a homier environment. If you are staying in town to visit friends and family the living room and kitchen combination give you the option of entertaining even if you are the visitor.

There is one last thing that was mentioned in this blog post that we would add separately as reason number eleven: laundry. Most people generate at least a load of laundry a week and it’s no different when you are travelling. Hotel exorbitant prices for hotel laundry, having your very own way to do a few washes, especially with kids, can really be a life saver.


At Vancouver Extended Stay we believe that the amenities of home will make you more comfortable on your next trip to Vancouver. To book a vacation rental with us, call (604) 891-6181 or visit Vancouver Extended Stay online.