Guest Guide

Welcome and thank you for choosing Vancouver Extended Stay as your accommodation during your time in Vancouver. To help you get settled and get comfortable in your furnished apartments, we have provided the following information you may find useful. The following guide is divided into four main sections:

We hope that you will find this guide useful. Please do contact us as anytime, should you have any additional questions.

Stay Policies

Deposit Policy

To secure your reservation, a non-refundable $1,000 payment is required upon booking. The remaining balance of the first 30-night billing cycle is due and will be charged automatically 7 days prior to your arrival, unless cancellation request is received, as per the Cancellation Policy below. Alternatively, you are welcome to pay the full amount upon booking.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your booking with us 7 or more days prior to your arrival date, the $1,000 payment processed at the time of booking will not be refunded, but no other charges will apply. If you cancel fewer than 7 days prior to the arrival, or in case of a no-show, the full cost of the first 30-night billing cycle will apply.

Incidentals and Damage Deposit Policy

A refundable damage deposit equaling half of the 30-night rate will be required at the check-in. Alternatively, for your convenience and to expedite the check-in process, you may elect to provide Vancouver Extended Stay with an authorization to charge your credit card for any potential incidentals or damages during your stay, in lieu of payment for the damage deposit.

If you provide a credit card in lieu of paying the damage deposit, please note that Vancouver Extended Stay reserves the right to run pre-authorization on the card provided for $500 at check-in and any time during the stay to ensure that the card remains valid throughout the stay. Debit cards, virtual credit cards and any other cards that place limits on transactions or can not be used without cardholder being present, can not be accepted. Vancouver Extended Stay reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline accepting a credit card in lieu of the deposit and to require full payment of the damage deposit, at the check-in or at any time during the stay, should the credit card provided cease to meet the requirements above.

Notice of Departure Requirement Policy

All stays continue on month to month basis until a required written 15-day Notice of Departure is provided to Vancouver Extended Stay. Such notice may be deliverred in person to the Guest Services office or emailed to Guests may use this Notice of Departure form, for their convenience.

Pets are Welcome

Pets are generally accepted, however the number of pets allowed varies between buildings. Please check with Guest Services before bringing pets into the unit. All pets must be declared at check-in or prior; if your pet joins you after check-in, please notify us before they are brought into the unit. There is a $250 pet cleaning fee associated with your pet's stay. Service animals and emotional support animals are exempt from the pet cleaning fee.

Know and Follow Building Rules and Bylaws

All guests are required to follow building rules and bylaws set forth by their respective Strata Corporation.

Here you will find the most up to date Bylaws and Rules for The Residences on Georgia.

Guests staying at The Palisades must follow The Palisades Bylaws and Rules.

No Smoking

There is absolutely no smoking allowed of any kind, including cigarettes, marijuana, tobacco, burning incense, candles that create smoke or scented oils. These are not permitted in any of our suites, balconies, or common areas in the building or within 6 meters of doors and air intakes.

Purchase Renters Insurance

It is strongly recommended that all guests purchase a renter's insurance policy. VES has partnered with InsureBC, a local insurance company, that offers an easy and convenient way to purchase and manage the policy online. Coverage can be customized as needed and the policies can be paid for and extended monthly. It only takes a few moments to purchase and for a small premium offers a great peace of mind.

To get started, please visit

Arrival Instructions

Arrival Directions

If you are checking in to our furnished apartments from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM to 5:00PM, please follow the following procedures:

  • Head to 1288 West Georgia St. Vancouver BC.
  • If you are arriving with a cab, please have your taxi drop you off at 1288 West Georgia Street at the Alberni St. entrance.
  • If you are arriving by car, please proceed to Residences on Georgia underground parking on Jervis Street. Dial 9000, advise the Concierge that you are a VES guest arriving, and the Concierge will open the gates for you. Park at the VES 30-minute check-in parking (first three spots to your left on P1).
  • Press 9000 for entry into the building and take the elevator to level 1 where you will find our Rental Office next to the Concierge desk.

If you arrive after business hours, on a weekend or a holiday, the 24-hour building Concierge will have your check-in package including keys, fobs, sign-in sheet, etc. Please show your ID to the Concierge to pick up your package and then visit our office on the following business day in the morning to provide your ID, credit card or cash for incidental and damage deposit.

Checking In

Standard Check-in Time: 3:00 PM

Arriving earlier? Ask us about early check-in option, fees and availability.


Please visit our Rental Office located in the lobby of 1288 West Georgia Street, right next to the Concierge desk, to check in when you arrive. If you arrive after hours, please visit our office on the morning of the next business day to complete your check-in process.

If you paid for your stay by credit card, please be reminded that you will be asked to present the very same card to our Guest Services staff upon arrival, for verification purposes, along with a government-issued photo ID.

Please also be reminded that you will be asked to provide a refundable security deposit in the amount of half of the 30-night rate. Guest's credit card may be used in lieu of the security deposit. The card will be preauthorized for $500. Virtual credit cards or debit cards can not be used in lieu of the security deposit.

Our Service

Our mission is to provide a superior furnished accommodation for you and your family, where you will feel like you're at home. We have ensured that all apartments are fully furnished, ready to move in and equipped with everything you may need during your stay. Our staff, including Guest Services, Housekeeping and Maintenance will ensure that your stay is exceeding your expectations and is always ready to assist should there be anything that you may need during your stay.

Guest Services

Our Guest Services office is located in the lobby of the west tower of the Residences on Georgia. Should there be anything you need assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Guest Services Office
Phone: 604-891-6153
Emergency: 604-551-1696


With more than 15 years of professional experience, our housekeeping personnel guarantees high standard cleaning services.

Unless alternate arrangements have been made at the time of your booking, housekeeping services will be provided on a bi-weekly basis. All regularly scheduled housekeeping is done Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If your scheduled housekeeping falls on a statutory holiday, your cleaning will be moved forward one day or moved back one day.

Additional housekeeping is available for a fee and can be arranged by contacting our Guest Services office.


We make every effort to ensure that our apartments are always in excellent condition. However, if you notice anything that does not work at its best or if anything breaks during your stay, please let us know by contacting our Guest Services office. We will promptly dispatch our Maintenance team to make the necessary repairs.


All your linens and towels will be changed during your regularly scheduled housekeeping. Additional housekeeping is available for a fee and can be arranged through the Guest Services office. You are also welcome to use your in-suite washer and dryer to do your laundry.

Lost and Found

Please call Guest Services at 604-891-6153 regarding any lost and found items in your suite.

Your Suite

Each of our tastefully decorated apartments at Vancouver Extended Stay is fully furnished and ready to move in. Our attention to detail will ensure that each suite will provide you with the luxury of a hotel, along with the warm and cozy touches of a home. We have made every effort to equip our apartments with everything that you may need during your stay.


All our apartments come with high-speed internet service. The network ID and the password is posted on the information sign usually located on the top of the TV stand or in the office (if applicable). This connection is secure and designated to your suite only. We ask that you do not change the network name or the password. If you do, please contact Guest Services during business hours to inform us of the changes.

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, unplug the wireless router and the modem. Wait for a minute and plug it back in. This will not harm your connection or affect your network name or password. Should the difficulties persist, you may call Novus customer service at 604 642 6688 to troubleshoot the issue or please contact our Guest Services office.


There are 2 flat screen TVs with cable service in every apartment. The cable service includes preselected standard set of channels. Should you wish to add additional channels during your stay, feel free to contact the cable service provide Novus at 604 642 6688 or via email at and you will be able to purchase additional channels. Should you need any assistance, please contact our Guest Services office.


There is a telephone service provided, including local service only. The phone number for your suite is posted on the information sign usually located on the top of the TV stand or in the office (if applicable).

Door Entry Code

You will find your door entry code posted on the information sign usually located on the top of the TV stand or in the office (if applicable). Please let your guests know this code before they arrive. When your guests arrive and dial your suite's access code on the keypad at the entrance, your suite's telephone will ring. Press "9" to give your guest access. Please do not let anyone into the building that you do not know. Simply hang up the phone to deny access.


The black and grey fobs open all building doors and allow access to your floor. For your apartment, you may have a key or a key card. It is important not to put your key card next to your phone as it might deactivate the key card.

All keys and fobs must be returned when you depart. You can either drop them off at the Guest Services office or leave them in the drop box across from the concierge desk. There is a charge of $120 plus tax per each set of keys that is not returned upon check-out.


When you turn on the water in your shower, the water will come out the faucet. If you would like to have the water come out the shower head, pull gently on the end of the faucet. There is a ring around the mouth of the faucet and when you pull this down, the water flow will be redirected to the shower head.


Each suite is equipped with a humidity control switch which is usually located in the hallway, right beside the bathroom doors. This switch is connected to the ceiling exhaust fan in the bathroom. If the ceiling exhaust fan is on and the noise is disturbing you, simply raise the humidity setting until the fan turns off. Lower the humidity setting again next time you leave the apartment to keep your suite's humidity down.


There are individual controls for the electric baseboard heaters in each room of your suite. You can adjust each one to your level of comfort.

Air Conditioning

Each suite has a portable air conditioning unit. If you are running the air conditioner, please ensure that the air conditioner's window panel is secured properly and the window on the other side of this panel is wide open to allow the warm air from the air conditioner to vent out.

Please call Guest Services if you are having trouble with your air conditioning unit, if you like to have your unit installed for the season, or if you would like to request an extra fan.

Garbage Disposal

If you are staying at the Residences on Georgia, the Garbage/Recycling Room is located on P1 level.

If you are staying at The Palisades, please note there are "refuse drops" available on every floor, near the elevators.

Please be reminded that local BC regulations require residents to sort their garbage and recycle paper, glass, plastic as well as dispose of food scraps separately from the regular waste. If you have any questions about the local requirements, please contact our Guest Services office.

Most apartments are equipped with a garburator. There is a switch on the wall in your kitchen to turn the disposal on. If you choose to use the garburator, please ensure to run water from the tap while the garbage disposal is on. Kindly refrain from putting bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, grease, rice, noodles or any fibrous or starchy vegetables in the garbage disposal. Please do not put any ridged items or non-food items down the garburator.


The washer and dryer are located in one of the closets in your suite. When adding detergent, please do not exceed the recommended amount. Further instructions for the washer and dryer may be found on or with the machine.


An iron and ironing board can be found alongside your washer and dryer.



One complimentary parking stall in a secure residential section of the parkade will be provided upon request. If you have not made parking arrangements with us in advance, you may contact the Guest Services office to obtain your parking pass at any time during your stay.

If you checked in after hours and you did not arrange a parking pass in advance, you may purchase a visitor parking pass from the ticket machine on site. Please come to the Guest Services office on the next business day to arrange a free parking pass for the rest of your stay.

Please display your parking pass clearly on your dash while you are parked. You may only park in your assigned parking stall. Leaving your vehicle in any other spot may result in your car being towed.

Parking Locations

At the Residences on Georgia, you can enter the parking garage from Bute St. or Jervis St. Pass through the second residential parking gate to find your assigned parking spot.

The parking entrance for The Palisades can be accessed from Alberni St and is located between the east and the west tower. Please use caution as the driveway and parking garage are both one-way. Pass through the second residential parking gate to find your assigned parking spot.

Parking on P1 is paid parking only and you may use these spots by purchasing a ticket at the ticket vending machine on site.

Occupied Parking Spaces

If someone else is in your parking spot, please do not choose another spot for yourself. Park in the 30- minute guest parking and speak to Guest Services or to the concierge. If you are in a spot that is not assigned to you, you are at risk of being towed.

Loading Zones and Check-In Parking

Please observe the time limits posted at the check-in parking and in loading zones. These time limits are strictly observed by the building management and the towing companies that monitor the area.

Pay Parking

Pay parking is available on parking level 1 of the Residences on Georgia and the Palisades for your guests and for additional vehicles. You may purchase a ticket at the ticket machine on site. Street parking is also available on Alberni St. and in the area.

Parking for your Visitors

Please ask your guests to enter your door entry code on the keypad at the entrance to the underground parkade. The door entry code can be found on the information sign usually located on the top of the TV stand or in the office (if applicable). Push "9" on the phone in your room to allow them access. Pay parking is available on parking level 1 of the Residences on Georgia and The Palisades for your guests and for additional vehicles. Street parking is also available in the area.

If you have any additional questions about parking, please contact Guest Services.

Building & Facilities


There is a Concierge at the Residences on Georgia and the Palisades. The Concierge will gladly offer their assistance with day-to-day matters; however, they may not know the specifics of your stay. For any inquiries pertaining to specific details of your stay please contact Guest Services at 604-891-6153 or via email at

The Residences on Georgia Concierge
Level 1 - 1288 West Georgia St.
Desk: 604-687-3095
Cell: 604-999-7409 Entrance: 9000

The Palisades Concierge
Level G-1288 Alberni St.
Desk: 604-801-5323
Cell: 604-562-1129
Entrance: 9002


At the Residences on Georgia, there is a 24-hour gym in each tower. In the west tower the gym is located on level G and in the east tower it is located on level 2. Guests staying at the Residences on Georgia may use either gym.

At the Palisades, there is a gym in each tower. In the west tower the gym is on level 2 and is open 24-hours. In the east tower the gym is located on level 3 and is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Guest staying at the Palisades may use either gym.

Garbage and Recycling

If you are staying at the Residences on Georgia, take the elevator down to P1 and you will see a sign directing you to a room where you can put your garbage in the compactor and separate your recycling.

If you are at the Palisades, there is a garbage drop labelled "refuse" on each floor. Please put your garbage down this drop. Do not leave your garbage on the floor in this room. Please take your recyclables to the ground level and use the bins provided.

Bike Storage

You are welcome to use our secure bicycle storage lockers which are located in the parking garages of each building. Please come to the Guest Services office to get a bicycle storage key. For temporary bicycle parking there are bicycle stands located outside the entrance to the Palisades and at the Alberni St. entrance to the Residences on Georgia.

Meeting Rooms

There are 2 meeting rooms available at the Residences on Georgia and 2 meeting rooms at the Palisades. Each meeting room seats up to six people. Please speak to Guest Services and we will contact the building Concierge to book the meeting room for you. There may be a small fee charged by the building management for booking the meeting room. There is no Wi-Fi access in the common

Checking Out


Please check out by 11:00 a.m. on the day of your departure. We kindly ask that you arrange to settle any outstanding items on your bill with the Vancouver Extended Stay's Guest Services office prior to your departure. If you plan on leaving outside of the office hours, please come and see us on the last business day proceeding the day of your departure.

Extending Your Stay

If you would like to extend your stay, please contact our Sales and Reservation department. All extensions are subject to availability.

Sales & Reservations

Leaving Your Suite

Your suite should be left in reasonably clean condition. The housekeepers will do a thorough clean upon your departure. However, if additional cleaning is required by our housekeeping staff due to excessive garbage, dirt, or mess, extra charges may apply.

Late Check-Out

Late check-out options are subject to availability and must be requested through our Guest Services office during business hours, at least 24 hours prior to your departure date.

If you fail to vacate your room by 11:00 a.m. on the day of your departure, and you have not confirmed arrangements for a late check-out, additional charges may apply.

Key Return

Please return your keys to the Guest Services office. All keys and fobs must be accounted for at check-out. There is a charge of $120 plus taxes for each set of keys and fobs that is not returned.

*Important* If you are parked in one of our assigned parking spaces, then you will need the keys to exit the parkade first. Please exit the parkade before you return your keys. If you are leaving outside office hours, you may leave the keys in the Vancouver Extended Stay's drop box in the door across from the Concierge desk.

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed your stay with us, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!