5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Vancouver

February 14th is coming up and love is in the air! Vancouver is such a beautiful and romantic city and there are about a million things you could do to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day experience for your significant other. Do you want to be creative this year? Here are some ideas to get you started.


Enjoy some artisanal desserts at Le Bel Café. We recommend trying their Peppermint Patty. If you order this and sit outside, you will for sure have women running up to you asking you what it is. What an adorable AND delicious treat. Le Bel Café is also a participating store of the 4th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival which will go on until February 14th. Price| Under $10

Peppermint Patty Le Bel Cafe

A mix of 70% Valrhona guanaja chocolate infused with organic peppermint, vanilla bean Chantilly, accompanied by a double fudge cookie.

Chocolate Strawberries

Give your significant other a cone of chocolate dipped strawberries! Where can you find these? Look for a Godiva Chocolatier and you can choose either dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or a combination of any of them. You may also choose to package them in a signature golden Godiva box to keep it fresh for later. Price | Under $15

godiva strawberries with chocolate

Art & Drinks

Have you heard of Raw Canvas? It is a bar + art studio, all-in-one! After having a few drinks, you can go downstairs and start painting your masterpiece on a blank canvas or tote bag. Alcohol and art, hmm a pretty clever combination don’t you think? The ending product could be a very special gift for both of you. Have fun! Price | $55 – 170 (if you wish to paint)

Raw Canvas art social

Treehouse sleepover

For our adventurers out there, how about spending a night in a real-life tree house? You have to see it to believe it – at first we couldn’t either. Situated in the peaceful woods of British Columbia, these tree houses can be the perfect weekend getaway for you and your special someone. Prices vary and you should definitely book ahead – perhaps even for next year? Here is just an example of one of these types of accommodations. Price | $109 – $250 per night (depending on the season and location).


Underwater Sleepover

Ever dreamed of sleeping underwater? Well, the Vancouver Aquarium brings you a unique experience that will surely be a life-long lasting memory for any couple. The Hugs & Fishes Sleepover at the Vancouver Aquarium is an Adults (19+) only event that gets sold out every year. Along with complimentary wine, the package also includes a 4D Show, a couples cooking class, trivia games, and much more than you can imagine! If you miss it this year, put it on your calendar to book earlier in 2015. Price | $216 -$260 per couple

Aquarium sleepover