Tipping in Canada

Visiting a foreign country, or even a new city can be fun and adventurous. However, we want to make sure that we represent ourselves (and our hometowns) well by being polite and by following the standard etiquette in certain places. In this case, it is important to have an idea on when and how much we should tip someone for their service.

Tipping is a COURTESY

Tips or gratuities should come more from your heart, more than your pocket, so do not ever feel forced or obliged to do it unless of course, you come with a party of eight (or six). The following are simply recommendations and standard practices in the industry, thus, it is still clearly up to you if you want to stick or go beyond it. Keep in mind that employees in these industries earn minimum wage and rely on tips to boost their income.

For Restaurants

It is always nice to let people know that you appreciate the warm food and the fast and pleasant service given. Although a warm smile and a thank you would be kind of you, if you have extra, please keep in mind the following percentages for tipping, not just for the waiter, but for the rest of the team who made your dinner possible:

Canadian Restaurant Tipping Tipping in Canada

For Hotels (Or extended stay apartments like us)

Checking in to a clean and comfortable suite after a long day plays a big part of enjoying your vacation. Reward the staff behind making that stay incredible:

Tipping in Canada
Tipping in Canada