Vancouver’s Top Wellness Destinations 2019

As another year comes to a close, many of us are looking towards a fresh start in 2019. There’s no denying health and wellness is often on many of our minds, especially after an indulgent holiday season. Luckily for us Vancouverites, the city offers an abundance of healthy options, and our team at Vancouver Extended Stay has rounded up their top wellness picks to kick off the year.

Vancouver ClassPass


Our city is home to a variety of boutique fitness options. From Barre Fitness, to Lagree West, to Eastwood, there’s easily something for everyone. Signing up for ClassPass allows you the freedom to try out different studios and classes to discover what exercise you like best.


The IV Wellness Boutique:

Looking to up your vitamin intake in 2019? The IV is a full service wellness clinic located in Yaletown, that specializes in vitamin therapy. This delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which can help help treat a variety of conditions including low energy, anxiety, and much more. They also offer acupuncture and RMT services.


Vancouver Green and apple Juices

Melu Juice and Health Bar:

Located within walking distance from us, Melu offers delicious and nutritious cold-pressed juices, vegan nut mylks, superfood smoothies, nourishing meals, and more. Filled with flavour and the freshest ingredients, they make eating healthy easy, especially while on the go!


Float House:

Located in Gastown, Float is a great place to relax, recover, and restore. Your session takes place inside a float tank which is a well-engineered enclosed tub filled with water that has 800 lbs of dissolved Epsom salts in it. This practice offers a wide range of benefits including chronic stressor relief, pain management, relaxation, and poor sleep/insomnia.


Vancouver Seawall with water view and trees

Get outside:

Living in Vancouver, we’re so lucky to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and ocean. Whenever you can, we recommend taking advantage of the seawall and Stanley Park. The best part? They’re easy to get to from Vancouver Extended Stay!

What are your favourite wellness spots in Vancouver? Let us know in the comments below, or by tagging us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.