Business Travel: 5 Tips for Staying Focused During Work Trips

Travelling for business can have its benefits, including exploring new cities, meeting new people, and, of course, trying new food! At the same time, being away also means having to develop new routines and adjust to different work environments. When this is added all together, it’s no wonder that many business travellers have a hard time staying focused on the task at hand.

If you’re a part of this group and wondering what to do about it, we’re here to help! Our team at Vancouver Extended Stay has put together five tips to help keep you on top of your game when you’re away from the office.

1. Keep Your Goal Front of Mind

If you’re travelling somewhere, there’s a reason for it. Throughout everything going on, remember your purpose for being where you are and the deliverables you’re meant to accomplish. Keeping this front of mind helps you to work past the distractions and focus on what you have to get done.

2. Stay Organized 

Staying on top of everything in a new destination can be tough, especially when there are still things going on back home. To make sure nothing falls through the cracks, it helps to write out a to-do list with everything you want to accomplish by the end of each day. Besides keeping things organized, that feeling of checking all your items off is worth writing it out!


3. Take Proper Care of Yourself

A healthy mind starts with a healthy body. Make sure you’re not sacrificing your health when you’re away for work. Takeout 24/7 is never a good idea! Instead, opt for healthy alternatives or cook your own meals when possible. If you’re staying with at Vancouver Extended Stay, you’ll find your kitchen stocked with everything you need to whip up some healthy home-cooked meals!


4. Find a Place to Get Work Done

Finding a comfortable place to work when you’re away can be a challenge, but it’s so important. Do your research ahead of time on local coworking spaces, coffee shops, or other work-appropriate locations for you to set up shop. Planning to stay with us? Request a room with an office, or take advantage of our meeting room facilities, which are open around the clock for your convenience.


5. Stick to Your Routine

Sleep eight hours a night at home? Make sure to get a good night’s sleep when you’re away. Workout every other day? Keep it up during your trip! Maintaining your healthy habits from home can help you stay productive in your day, as well as help you manage your time the way you would at home. 


Do you have any other tips to add? Share them with us by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! Travelling to Vancouver? Check out our blog for other travel tips and things to do!