The Best Activities To Do in Vancouver When It’s Raining

Vancouverites are no stranger to rain. As a city that experiences wet weather approximately 180 days per year, it’s no surprise that we’ve been coined with the nickname “Raincouver.” But don’t let that deter you from enjoying our amazing city, as there is still plenty to do and see. Our team has come up with a list of things that you can do, so grab your boots, waterproof jacket, and umbrella — and let’s go explore! 

1. Cheers at Local Craft Breweries

Vancouver is more recently known for its brewery scene, and it does not disappoint! The best areas for breweries that are close to the city include Mount Pleasant and Lower Lonsdale. These micro breweries are conveniently located close together, which gives you the opportunity to do tastings of the local beer, all while staying dry!

Source: North Point Brewing Co.’s Instagram Page

2. Go Canucks Go! 

Hockey is Canada’s national sport which is why cheering on the Canucks is a must. The hockey season runs from October until May, and even if the home team doesn’t win, it’s still a fun — and dry — experience. To view the schedule and purchase tickets, visit here

Source: Geoffery Kehrig’s Flickr Page

3. Visit Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park is both a popular tourist and local attraction year-round. Pull on your hiking boots and get ready to explore the North Shore trails, which is just a short drive from downtown. Lynn Canyon Park has trails covered by trees, which conveniently provide a good amount of protection from the rain. Make sure to check out the Suspension Bridge, the 30 Foot Pool, and the Twin Falls Bridge which overlooks a waterfall!

What are your favourite rainy day activities? 


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