Must-Try Dining Experiences in Vancouver

Must-Try Dining Experiences in Vancouver

If you find yourself navigating Vancouver for the first time and are uncertain about dining options, we’ve got you covered. Vancouver has an incredibly diverse culinary scene with an extensive selection of amazing restaurants, spanning from local ramen to coveted Michelin Stars. The hardest part? Deciding which place to choose!

To make your dining choices a bit easier, we’ve curated a list of our top three recommended restaurants for you to visit while you’re staying in Vancouver.

Experience Vancouver’s award-winning Ramen Danbo on Robson

Ramen Danbo is renowned for its traditional Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen crafted in the Kyushu Hakata style, featuring thin noodles. For vegans and vegetarians, this restaurant makes plant-based ramen, featuring a vegan broth base crafted in a manner similar to the iconic Tonkotsu Ramen. Added bonus? They have a Robson Street location that is just around the corner from our suites.

Source: Ramen Danbo’s Instagram

Enjoy Delectable Aburi Sushi at Minami Restaurant

The city is renowned for its vibrant sushi scene, and Minami stands as a shining example of this culinary excellence. Nestled in the heart of Yaletown, Minami specializes in the Aburi style of Japanese cuisine. Originating from its sister restaurant, Miku, which introduced the flame-seared technique to Vancouver in 2008, Minami skillfully combines traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques with locally sourced ingredients, offering a truly innovative and incredible culinary experience. 

Source: Minami Restaurant’s Instagram

Experience Innovative Flavours at Michelin-Star Published on Main

Published on Main has earned a prestigious Michelin Star, a testament to the brilliance that radiates through every dish they serve. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or simply feeling like treating yourself to a memorable dining experience, we recommend Published on Main. Emphasizing local and sustainable ingredients, they present an extensive array of dishes designed for sharing among friends. Each plate tells a story through its clean and precise flavours, thoughtfully chosen and elegantly presented. 

Source: Published on Main’s Instagram

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